AMD Radeon HD 6450 issues.

I'm having issues with getting and display drivers under windows 8 64bit.

Sound issues:

- Monitor Volume is high
- Different HDMI cables tried.
- Sound Bar states all settings work, and when I play local audio/ youtube audio the bars respond. No sound though.
- Device Manger, tried to uninstall the drivers and refresh them.
- Tried to install codecs and reboot system.

Next step is to reinstall drivers to the latest AMD Catylist. However, I've already tired that and no sound either. At the same time I'm having issues with them.

AMD Driver issues:

My old video card shows up, even though I installed a fresh windows 8 on the machine with my newer video card without the old card. I'm not sure why it detects the old card after a fresh install.

I get error messages in the AMD Driver log.
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  1. whats your motherboard?
  2. or company you bought the computer from
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