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I recently purchased the Infocus X1 projector and it is awesome! Eight Foot widescreen progressive scan dvd movies! Ouch, all I can say is for the money spent $949 shipped all the big fat over priced 200 pound rear projection tv's are a waste of money. Yes, you can even hook up your pc, DVD, VCR, Xbox, playstation etc all through this thing and they look fantastic. I would rather own a projector than a plasma screen any day. Only weights 6.8lbs! I have been looking at projectors for a about 18 months now and finally decided I had to buy one to see for myself and was willing to resell it on ebay if I wasnt happy. I cannot believe how good this thing is for the price. I consider this to be one of my best purchases ever!

Balls, said the Queen if I had them I would be king!<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by hobbit on 10/16/03 11:48 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. happy for u. but how much are the replacement bulbs? you gotta factor that in. i was thinking about front projectors untill i found out how much the bulbs were (about $400 - $500 a year as much as i would use it). a nice big picture would sure be easy on the eyes though.
  2. Yes, that used to be a dissuading factor for me too. Bulbs/lamps are now around $325, so the price is down. The infocus X1 projector I own has a very high lamp life time of 4000 hours so I will get about 3 years out of it before I have to replace the bulb. By that time the price will be down under 200 or less for a new bulb or I will have sold it on ebay and purchased a newer model etc. After seeing this puppy in action I would not care if it had 2000 hours of life in the bulb. I would still buy it and not think twice. Once you see the performance for yourself you will be hooked and their is no going back. The picture is very good for for internet browseing and playing games too. You can read all text clearly, etc. Games look fantastic. It isn't like tv out on your video card to your CRT tv. This thing becomes your monitor and even has a pass through so you can keep your pc monitor on as well if you want too. Imagine playing an eight foot multiplayer game online like Quake,Jedi Knight, Halo and Tron etc. Well with this thing you can just like hooking up Xbox to a big screen in 480P & yes you can hook up this thing to consoles like Xbox and playstation 2, etc. I tell you it ranks in the best purchases for the value I have ever made. AWESOME.

    Balls, said the Queen if I had them I would be king!<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by hobbit on 10/17/03 09:58 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  3. i made a presentation at university the other day, i was showing a 3d animation that i did and i swear it was at least a 30' screen, it was so cool it wasn't funny.

    the projector is MASSIVE, its connected to their toch panel that controls the DVD, VCR, COMPUTER, and other various inputs, including the lighting for the entire room, the 2 slide projectors and the massive projection screen for going up and down, oh and the cool as sound system.

    so basicly i totally agree with you, projectors RULE, (but not for computer graphics editing and stuff, i'd only use one for showing things after it was already done.

    but yeah glad to hear you are enjoying it.


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