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My Win XP Reboots Instead of Shutting Down, Help

Last response: in Windows XP
February 14, 2002 5:13:26 PM

Not too resently ago I upgraded my Windows XP Pro from FAT32 to NTFS...cleanly. About three days later my machine wouldn't shut down correctly. Instead, it would act like it was about to turn off, then reboot. If anyone has any ideas to fix this (other than re-format) then I'd like to here them.

If it DOES come down to re-format I think I could live with the problem, but it is slightly annoying.

P.S. My PC is a...
AMD AthlonXP 1700+
256MB DDR PC-2100
Gigabyte GA-7VTXH (+, upgrading this weekend)
eVGA GeForce 2 TI (64MB-DDR)
Western Digital 40GB NTFS
Zip 100
*If any of this is relevant tell me

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February 14, 2002 10:39:10 PM

Try flashing your motherboard BIOS with the newest release

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February 15, 2002 4:12:23 AM

I tried upgrading my BIOS and it still does the reboot thing...any other sugestions?
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February 15, 2002 6:40:30 PM

What are you using for CD-RW software? There is an issue with Windows XP and Roxio EZ-CD Creator 5.0. You must download the updates and everything will work properly. (I think it has more to do with Direct-CD rather than the other portion of the software).

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February 15, 2002 11:06:33 PM

I'm use Nero 5.5
I don't think that's the issue though as it worked fine before I upgraded to NTFS.
P.S. I'm not blaming NTFS, it is just a turning point.
February 16, 2002 5:35:41 PM

This will be the only time I will bump this, but that is because I still need some help.

*I have tried resenting my BIOS to default with no results as well.
*Ran defrag

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February 16, 2002 7:10:10 PM

Check out this site, and then come back and tell us your results, Kanaz.

<A HREF="" target="_new">Windows XP Shutdown and Restart Troubleshooting</A>


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February 16, 2002 10:43:23 PM

Thanks...I figured out my problem in my Logitech Wireless KB. I'll have to live with the problem for a while I guess. Thanks for the link!

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