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I have a problem. I have re-installed my windows 7 ultimate and I need to install my video card drivers,which is NVIDIA GeForce 630M and I also have Intel hd graphics card and only the previous one can be installed. The setup of Nvidia just says that there is not compatible hardware on my computer. What do I have to do to make NVIDIA work?
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  1. This is a notebook correct? You shouldn't have 2 gpu's on it, is the Intel for sure a on board gpu and not the cpu inside?

    Did you re install the video card drivers yet? http://www.geforce.com/drivers select the 630m from the drop down menu there, or let it auto detect if it is being detected.
  2. You may need the drivers from the notebook OEM instead of nVidia.
  3. If I needed to have only Intel Hd Graphics,my notebook`s sticker wouldnt say that there is NVIDIA GeForce 630M video card. My Windows updates automatically installs Intel HD Graphics no matter what I do
  4. Because of the unique nature of notebook builds, the OEM may specialize the drivers for their components. You need to go to the notebook OEM site and search for the specific graphics drivers for your model notebook.
  5. It didin`t work even when I tried to download the drivers from www.acer.com
  6. It's because in notebooks the nvidia gpu is only activated when needed, like 3D games to be more energy efficcient. Try start a game and then with the game running install the drivers. But i don't know if it'll will activate the gpu since you don't have the drivers installed.
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