7950 or 670?

Im looking to upgrade from my 560ti to a 7950 or 670. I just want opinions on the price to performance, and the benchmarks on each. Im leaning more towards the 670 although its more pricey. But i would like more people's opinions.
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  1. If you are considering the 670 then you might as well take a look at the 7970 since they are priced the same and 7970 will OC like mad tiger and blitz through games too. So I suggest you look at HD 7970 especially Sapphire since they have not voltage locked their cards and can OC pretty high. For benchmark, you might want to browse the net and find for yourself, there are tons. And the 7970 has been the go to card here for months now on the Tom's recommended best graphics monthly edition. Cheers!
  2. Unless there is a something that you will be doing that takes advantage of GPU Processing there is no real reason to go with the 670.
    The 7970 is probably the best overall card on the market, the 670 is not so much
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