1600x900 overkill?

Hey i was looking at a gtx 670 for 1600x900 gaming on bf3, skyrim, far cry 3, and crysis at MAX settings and at a consistent above 60 fps. What card would be the best price-performance for that? Thanks
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  1. 670 would be fine.
  2. You won't get Crysis 3 at max settings with above 60 FPS.

    On 1920x1080 with very high details and 4x SMAA I got an average of 45 FPS using a GTX 670.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J1_zPKa-AU - Video of the performance

    It would suit you well, I think it's a great GPU. IF you're looking for performance and ONLY performance then a Radeon 7970 is a little bit faster at the same price, though it also has a higher TDP and if you get a reference design, then you won't hear anything over it's noise level.

    Radeon 7970:


    3 GB of GDDR5 - Better high resolution gaming
    Very overclockable - Overvoltage
    Great multi-monitor support


    TDP 250 watt
    Gets really hot if it doesn't have proper cooling
    Lacks technologies
    Fairly long compared to GTX 670

    GTX 670:


    Boost - Overclocks itself.
    Adaptive vsync
    Advanced PhysX
    TDP 170 watt
    Great 3D support (if your screen allows you to)
    Short compared to Radeon 7970


    Limited overclocking - Can't overvoltage


    MIND that some Radeon 7970 has adapted boost.
  3. Are you going to be at 16x9 the rest of your life?

    And +1 to the HD7970 (with the bundle!)
  4. If he's got the money, sure a 7970 or 680 would be what to get.

    But for some bang for the buck, a 7850, 7870, 660 Ti, or 670 are a lot more value and will play the game just fine (not at fully maxed out settings, but still high settings).
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