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Hello Community!

I am looking to purchase a new GPU for my computer. Some of the newest games I have bought are having a bit of fps issues on the highest setting. I have an Intel i7 Processor, and 12GB of RAM, but my video card is an aging Raedon HD 6750 1GB.

I have been looking around and have became interested in the EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti FTW, and the GTX 670.. My budget is between $300-$400.. Lets hear some recommendations, and why.
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  1. I'd go for the 670, if its within your budget. For me, I went with 2 660TI's instead of 2 670's cause I can just overclock them to get up to par with the 670, but if it's within your budget grab a 670. Those two are pretty much the best u can get for your budget, unless you wanna look at a 7950 or a 7870 from AMD. But personally, I prefer Nvidia :p
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