Help splitting a image across 3 monitors?


I'm trying to split a image across 3 monitors please send me a video or instrunctions

I also don't know if I should get 1 or 3 way sli NVida titan video card can you please tell me which one would be easiest

Thanks in advance
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  1. What GPU do you have?

    If your GPU setup is capable of running 3 screens right now you will be able to span 3 screens by going to the Nvidia panel>set up multiple display>span displays with surround. Make sure your 3 monitors have the same resolution to do this.

    Also 3 way SLI titan is overkill. Like butchery, Those cards are $1000 a pop one would suffice for anything really, but maybe 2 would be ok. Can't see any reason to drop $3000 on them!
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