Nvidia surround (3+1 accessory display) on 500 series question

I recently bought 3 displays for some surround gaming, and have been really enjoying it. However when I am in surround I cannot use my original monitor which I have set up as a 4th screen.
(my gpu's I am running are 2x 560ti's which have really shocked me in terms of performance in surround!)

I think I may need to have all my screens for surround connected to one 560ti while the 4th is connected to the 2nd card, in which case I will go out and get an hdmi cord right now to do such. Can anyone confirm this before I potentially waiste time and money running out to get it :P.

The only other option I know of would be to grab a 3rd card and run it off that, which I cannot fit in my case =/.

TLDR; If I connect all my surround screens to 1 560, and the fourth display to the second will the accessory display finnally work while surround is on?

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  1. Hi

    I have tried a fourth screen just now, it works when not in sli mode. As soon as I go to sli mode to run my tripple screen games the fouth screen is disabled. And yes I have a third small card just for the fourth screen.

    Have you discovered the same thing yet or have you figured a way around it?

  2. No, I'm out of all ideas. You say your hooked up too a 3rd card and still can't use the 4th display as an accessory? Nvidia's page does say you need 2x sli for the surround and a 3rd for the display, I would imagine any 3rd card would work...

    I understand Nvidia has gotten better multi-monitor support within the 6xx series, but hell AMD still kills them it seems.
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