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GTX 690 and Q9550

Hello guys,

I'm planning on slowly buidling a gaming machine. I don't live in the US and I'm going next week and I wanted to take this opportunity to buy the GTX 690 card. Currently I have a Q9550 processor.
I was wondering if it would be a waste to buy this card with such an old processor or if I will see any significant gains over my current ATI 5870.
I'm planning on upgrading my processor when the new Intel processors come out in June.

Just wanted your opinion to see if it would be a waste to buy it now or if I will see any substantial benefits on HD gaming.

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  1. Hi! The money you are planning on spending on the GTX 690 can get your 2 AMD HD 7970 that can OC and beat GTX 690 or 2 GTX 670 that can also OC and beat GTX 690. And you will still have some to buy yourself Intel Core i5 3570K that you can put aside and buy a motherboard for it later. Or you can just get a single AMD HD7970, Core i5 3570K, 8GB RAM 1600MHz, CPU cooler, and an SSD 120GB for the price of one GTX 690. Think about it. You can have your PC right away if you spend wisely. And if you don't like AMD HD 7970 which is the best price/performance then you can just grab GTX 670 and still add those parts and you cab SLI it later when you sell your current rig. Cheers!
  2. With that money I would get an i5 with a z77 board and a 7970
  3. Thanks for the quick reply guys.
    But how much of a bottleneck do you think my current processor will be?
    Like I said I will be upgrading in the near future and money won't be an issue. Just want to see if I should wait until I do the full upgrade (in June) or if I will see some real benefits with my current PC.

    Thanks again!
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    HD7970 and nice water for the Q9550 (which you may move to your new build) A second HD7970 when you build your new rig should work well for you.

    Pay close attention to benchies when Haswell rolls out. AMD seems to be working with game devs to optimize Piledriver performance.

    (or, not, if you wish to stick with Intel !)

    Edit: I mean ... move the water ... not the Q9550 :lol:
  5. Thanks so much for your input!
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