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Hey guys,so i got this gtx 260 with the 65nm structure more as inno3D .So this month i had to buy second hand pc cause had really really limited budget of 200$.So bougth it but first impression were awfull.PC specs are as follow...

core2quad q6600 2,4ghz
3gb ddr 2 ram
the gpu
1tb Western Digital HDD
.SO bougth it and apperantly no thermo paste anywhere and everythink was heating ,glad that caugth my attention first day.Iv took pc to friend of mine technician.After 1-2 weeks at his place he cleaned and repaired what could have ,put proper cooling on CPU and the *** part was the gpu.

Pics before repair and cleanse of the GPU.

As said it was awfull ,friend order some thingy that is working as thermo isolation between the gpu and the gpu case idk.Put paste and put it in order.So downloaded MSI afterburner and started monitoring the gpu very closely.
In idle with 45% fan its arround 45 degrees all time,and full load with always 80% fan in skyrim/arround 60-74tops in dungeons with smoke alot.All settings high.
BF3 arround 60-70 also High
Aion with newest engine 65-72.

So my concern is that there is this game Path of exile,temp went cool first 1 hour, after break it started going up from 63 to 71-74 as it steady growth, today.Same as aion it passed 68 degrees too and went to 71.Can this be caused today because i did full day gaming and if this is the case i guess i should not pressure it so much or to play more simple games like WoW or somethink lesser just to not burn it
The Tech also did FURMARK benchmark and he left it for 30mins with 100degree temp as to see if was a sure death or it can be trusted.As he said no random boots or video glitches all went smooth.

So guys am can u tell me what to look or listen to start worry bout the GPU going for its certain death.

SRY for Bad grammar and english guys,but these 4-5 days consantly watching dam onscreen monitoring is really idk starting feels that i get panicked if these temps start to rise.God help me summer
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  1. I think that those temps are high, but not really dangerously high except for the Furmark temps. Yeah, don't run that again. 100C is way too hot.
  2. you can practically boil water at that point hahaha, just kidding.

    i used to have the same card although a different brand. and yes the 200 is a beast in terms of heat.

    my suggestion is to improve case airflow, you know, do cable management, add fans and all that.
    give the card room to breathe. 60's are fine, even low 70's. but 80's, personally is not ok with me. it was fine back in the 8800gt's day though :)

    i own an inno3d now (dont really trust the brand but i gave them a shot), it's an ichill and my temp usually is at 49-50, sometimes 55. and yes im on AC, but i also have AC when i was using 560Ti and it was reaching 60-70 (same game, bf3 MP)
  3. So after night decided play these games again and in path it went steadily to 80C with 98% load on the GPU,guess gpu is screwed now.Decided to go play torchlight 2 maxed with 80% too,after 2 hours the temp never went more than 41-43 degree.Guess games like these graphics/cartoonish can pass on this video now.
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