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I am currently running a HP machine that has got Windows 7 installed. When I purchased it, it came with the ATI Radeon HD4200 graphics "onboard". I decided to buy ATI's special adapter that converts DVI to HDMI while pushing audio over DVI temporarily. Plugged it up and video only works. I go to change the audio output and I don't see the one for my TV. What am I doing wrong guys???? Help :??:

Here's a screenshot of what is listed
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  1. See if this helps you. It may be necessary to enable onboard HDMI audio in BIOS.

    Also, be sure you have the latest driver installed for your HD 4200 integrated graphics.
  2. Thanks for the reply!
    Sure enough, after snooping in the BIOS I found the audio setting you had mentioned. I enabled it, and boot up and it now shows the HDMI audio output. Then i plug the cable to my TV and change the audio output to HDMI. The audio still doesn't work. It shows that its plugged in and turned all the way up, but the sound tones barely come up on the volume control as a green bar (barely registering). What am I doing wrong?
  3. Alright, so here's where I am at now. Got the HDMI audio device selected, and the little volume bar shows sound being played, but I am still not getting any sound through my TV. What else is there that is preventing audio to go through? :sweat:

    Another Pic:
  4. If your PC or HDTV is too old, it may not be HDCP compliant. Read the first 3 paragraphs of this to see what I mean.

    Find out if your devices are HDCP compliant.
  5. Went to ATI's website to look it up for the HD 4200 and heres what a quick search showed:
    "Each includes HDCP encoder with on-chip key storage for maximum resolution playback of protected content"
    So it sounds like my graphic's card is?
    By the way I really appreciate the help!

    EDIT: My TV is really 6 months old or less...Samsung Plasma 43" with two HDMI ports on the back. So I don't see how it won't have HDCP compliance with it being so new. Does re-booting the computer with the cable and TV on already have any affect?
  6. pooldawg15 said:
    .Does re-booting the computer with the cable and TV on already have any affect?

    Can't hurt.

    You might also check your TV's manual to see if there is any settings you need to change. Do you have another HDTV to test it on?
  7. No I don't. I did read my manuals and I didn't read anything about HDCP or anything that could cause problems with the audio. I did a walkthrough on the Windows troubleshooter and it said an updated driver could solve the problem. Going to try that and see if i can use my sister's laptop to test the TV since it has HDMI out with the audio support too. I'll report what I find!
  8. Good. That was going to be my next suggestion; if you could try a different PC on the HDTV. That way you will know which device has the issue... the TV or the PC.
  9. Ok, so I located a different manual for my TV online. Here's the PDF of it:

    On page 3 of it, it shows that it can take in a PC DVI that has been converted to HDMI as video only (no audio support), but I temporarily hooked up a VCR/DVD player I have that's got HDMI output on it. Both HDMI's in on the TV seem to support audio and video just fine. DVD plays fine with sound. I haven't gotten my sister's laptop yet, but I thought I'd share the PDF with you. It sounds like it should work correct?

    Also, What is the Ex-Link jack for in the picture of the TV?
  10. Your link didn't work.

    But keep in mind when connecting your laptop to the TV, that if the laptop has HDMI out it will probably work. The DVI out is what needs to be tested if it has that. Can you post a link to the HDMI/DVI cable you got?
  11. Fixed the Link...sorry about that.
    What I'm running is ATI's "special" dongle that allows DVI to HDMI but allows audio to be processed in. The cable is a $10 simple 6ft RCA HDMI cable (If I can fix the audio problem I'll go with a longer cable that's is of better quality)

    Here's a link to a google of the cable:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.43148975,d.eWU&biw=1280&bih=904&sa=X&ei=QX8xUZSHCYHa8wT82YHwCA&ved=0CGwQ8wIwAA

    Mine's 6 ft but the description is 95% word for word.

    Here's the "special" dongle:

    New Link for the PDF: Page 3 shows my connections

    Also, the laptop doesn't have a DVI output- only HDMI and VGA. So using the laptop probably won't tell me much right?

    (sorry for the long links)
  12. For HDMI input to your TV, I presume you are using the HDMI IN 1 port as specified in the manual, correct?

    That 'dongle' as you call it is the same adapter is used to use to connect my 32" Samsung to my desktop. It gave audio from my GTX 570 fine. However I am using discrete speakers connected to my Creative SB FX-I card now.

    Connecting the laptop via HDMI/HDMI won't really prove the DVI/HDMI issue out, no.
  13. UPDATE:
    Yes I'm using the PC specific port.
    Tried the laptop, obviously worked.
    Then tried the PC once more for grins and giggles and decided to compare the properties of the PC HDMI audio out to the laptop's.
    The laptop says it's HDCP compliant (as expected since it works with the TV audio fine)
    Then the thought hit me to check the PC's HDMI audio properties and compare it to the laptop's. Sure enough the device says it isn't HDCP compliant :pfff:

    But my video card says it is HDCP compliant on ATI's website?

    Laptop is running some AMD audio called : AMD HDMI Output

    My PC says:

    Ohhh this it possible to make it HDCP compliant? Like a different driver? Not to sure what to do here, but I think I found the problem all right.
  14. I believe way back near the beginning I said to "Find out if your devices are HDCP compliant." You assured me they were. We could have saved you some time and trouble. But at least now we know. And I know of no way to make a non-compliant device compliant.

    You could always invest in an inexpensive discrete gfx card that is compliant.
  15. I could buy one, but I don't want to.
    I'll see what I can figure out about the HDCP problem. Maybe there's something out there...
    Really appreciate your help man! Sorry about the goof up.
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