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Sapphire HD7850 blurry 2d & discolored

February 28, 2013 10:23:48 PM

Here is my problem...

I had a Sapphire HD 7850 OC 2GB edition die on me. I RMA'd the GPU and they sent a replacement around 4 weeks later.

I drop in the replacement and everything boots up ok. At native resolution for my ACHIEVA Shimian QH270 (2560x1440) the text was extremely blurry and the color overall was pinkish.

I thought maybe that because I was running on a backup 6xxx from another machine that I would need to driver sweep and reinstall latest from AMD. That did not help. After that I resinstalled windows 8. Same issue.

Swapped back to my 6xxx on my windows reinstall and the picture is perfect (this is on the same DVI-D cable)

Swapped out the PCIe power cable for a spare. Same issue.

Reseated the 7850. Same issue. It even looks odd in the bios boot screen. The ASUS screen is pink and looks as though the aspect ratio is off.

I fired up FurMark and the GPU performed well, it just looks a bit discolored. Then I tried the tutorial game in League of Legends at native resolution max settings and was getting 60 FPS. 3D performance is there, just seems as though I have some scaling issue going?

I've already emailed Althon Micro who hanled my RMA for their help, but I thought someone on here may be able to give me and idea how I could fix it.


Here is a picture from my cell of what the display looks like