Looking for help choosing best mid-range video card for $100-$150

I recently built a low end rig and want to get some suggestions on what video card I should go with, I has hoping to stay within the $100-$150 range. Here is my set-up now

CPU- I5 3570K
MOBO- Asrock z77 Pro3
RAM - Crucial Ballistix 8GB DDR3-1600
PSU - Inland Gold 500 watt
CASE - Diablotek EVO Mid Tower
HD- Caviar Blue 500GB
OS - Win 7 64-bit

I have been looking around and these are the video cards I have bee shuffling around. I would like to stay around this price, and I am not a fan of MIR. I will probably purchase from the local MicroCenter, but I don't mind ordering from online either. Basically looking for the best bang for my buck. The goal is to get a card that can play recent releases and older games of many genres. If these cards are not suffice, suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

gtx 550 ti
gtx 650 2GB
HD 7750
HD 7770
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  1. Hi, I would like to start by giving some general advice. it's important to note that within your price range, almost every dollar matters (literally). pretty much all the graphics cards in this range are correctly priced according to performance, and every extra $5-10 you spend going up a small tier will give you a small boost in performance (most of which is noticeable to the user). thus I would honestly suggest you max out your budget and get the most expensive card you can. try to get a 7770 or slightly better, a gtx650 ti. either of these cards will get you reasonable performance in all modern games at 1080p. some of the more hardcore titles such as crysis3, skyrim, or bf3 may only be playable on low settings, the rest should be fine on medium or above.

    Currently, the sweetspot for gaming is really around $200-250, getting at least a HD 7850 to HD7870 would allow you to play pretty much everything on high (in the case of the HD 7870). Nvidia equivalents would be something around a gtx660 to 660ti
  2. I recommend the GTX 960 2GB, its over your budget by a bit, but it has a rebate. It's quite a good graphics card in my opinion.https://pcpartpicker.com/part/evga-video-card-02gp42966kr
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