Crossfire numbers seem really low any help would be great.

I got my second 7870 XT today for a crossfire setup and I installed it. Windows recognized it and installed some drivers. I enabled crossfire in catalyst and restarted to be safe. Once restarted I fired up Metro 2033 and tested things out for a bit. I quit Metro and right when I got back to the desktop my computer froze. I had to shut it down manually because I couldnt even access task manager. Not off to a good start.......I am on the 13.2 beta for catalyst so I would like to think that is what caused the freeze. Moving on I then tested Crysis 3. I get a noticeable bump up in performance. Then I moved onto Far Cry. I get a little bump but nothing major. No more freezes at that point either so that's good but my temps are now getting to 85 C which I realize isnt dangerous but they used to only be at 75 C at most. I then went back to Metro 2033 and played for longer so I could really keep an eye on the framerate. I am getting anywhere from 33 at the lowest to 80 at the highest FPS. Now where I'm really bothered is I looked at a bench mark online and they were getting an average of 118 FPS at 1920 x 1200. My monitor is 2048 x 1152 and its a 23 inch so I dont think it should affect my performance that much. Also, I am using the 7870 XTs which have a little more juice. Am I missing something? Should I be worried about this performance and the freeze that I had? What should I do? I still have time to return both cards either for a refund or for technical assistance. My specs are in my sig.
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  1. hmm i dont see my sig for some reason....i will post specs
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