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PSU Help fpr GPU

Hello Guys,

I am very interested in purchasing this product...... the MSI N680GTX Lightning....

My question is....What is the amount of watts of my power supply is needed for this GPU?

The least watts to the max watts needed. Can anyone help me with this situation? Also give me your opinions.
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  1. You need to know the total for your system, if your PSU has 2x PCIx conectors, than it probably can handle it.
  2. I have a Seasonic X series 650 Gold certified.
  3. 650 Watts is Enough there.

    MSI recommends a minimum of 550 Watts. But keep in mind the rest of your Computer Hardware needs power too.
    You'll need more if you're using more high end hardware like an Overclocking CPU, Water Cooling....etc
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    650w is enough if you have a couple of hard drives and you're not extremely overclocking both the CPU and the GPU. However, if you have 5 HDDs and overclocking both the CPU and the GPU you're going to need more, not to mention that some heavy headphones and whatnot also use power. Just don't push things out of proportions and you should be fine.
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  6. Thanks UltimateDeep and XYMan. Here is my rig.....

    I only have one HDD and 1 SSD...Also I want to let you know, that I'm not thinking of overclocking my GPU nor my CPU.
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