Sabertooth z77 pcie 3.0 only showing 8x link width in GPU-Z

HI, just bought sabertooth z77 mobo but the problem is in gpu-z graphic bus interface is only showing 8X instead of 16X. When I hit ? for render test get same thing. Changed settings in bios, flashed bios, from what I have read in other forums I'm not alone with this problem? My 3d mark 11 scores are at 9250 score I've heard that pci-e slots don't even use full 8x bandwidth and don't make any difference.Is this true but I want to fix this problem. TY ~FoD~BugZz~
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  1. What GPU are you running? Are you using two?

    If you are running two then thats why you're only seeing 8x, as the bus is split.
  2. re-seat the card in the slot, its probably getting a bad connection.
  3. on your mb the silver video slot the only 16x slot. the other 2 are slower slots. make sure you installed the newest intel chipset driver first from intel. also check for any missing pins on your video card or bent pins or dirt on the pci slot.
  4. well im gona try those 3 things and ill get back to you ty
  5. Installed my 460gtx to test and BAMM!! showed 16x funny cause alota peps posted this same problem with this exact gpu asus gtx670 direct2cu II card well went to fry's and returned card 4 another asus gtx670 direct2cu II and BAMM!! all fixed thank u all 4 your help ~FoD~BugZz~
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