MSI 970A-G45 with 7850 Wont work

Looking at a friends pc for him. He has a MSI 970A-G45 motherboard and just got a HIS 7850 and he is not getting any video. I pulled the card out and put it into my computer and it seemed to work fine. I also put my 660Ti into his computer and that worked too. Im not sure why the HIS 7850 wouldn't work. Any Ideas?
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  1. Are you using the same video connector(s) that your friend used when your friend tried to get it to work in his PC?
  2. My friend's PC has a 970A-646 and an HIS 7770 and it also doesn't accept it, just sits there and turns the fan on and off with no video output and the core stays cold. Same with my HIS 7850, but NVIDIAs mysteriously work. Does your card have fan problems too? Makes no sense, MSI.
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