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Does anyone think they will make a Gtx Titan with 12gb on board? They always seem to come out with special cards with double the ram. I rally need a TItan for GPU rendering, but 6gb will not cut it with my scenes.
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  1. Exactly for whom they will make this 12gb card , as the target audience are happy with their 2-4 gb cards.
  2. 12GB=68794032X1080p??
  3. Maybe for the workstation market so they can charge $3000-5000 a pop for it sure but for consumer very unlikely. Titan for most systems is a joke as it is and IN my opinion it is only worth $700-800 while the 690 is ok as it is. I am disappointing when it comes to it's compute performance..

    Sry for the rant folks, I am in bit of a rage over something else atm.
  4. If you need a card for rendering why not buy a card specifically designed for rendering?
  5. get a quadro or something
  6. bak0n said:
    If you need a card for rendering why not buy a card specifically designed for rendering?

    Just what I was thinking or just buy 2.

    However, I also see that there are methods of turning a standard Geforce card into a Quadro card which could be where he's coming from.
    But if you are running a business based on rendering and skimping on the hardware it is your own funeral..
  7. There won't be a 12GB Titan for consumer use/gaming, it just isn't needed, even 6GB for multi-monitor gaming is overkill in most situations.

    Look at workstation cards for workstation use.
  8. Realistically, if you need that much RAM, it'll likely be better to render on a pair of beefy CPUs (E3-1290 v2 x2) with loads of system RAM.
  9. Hey,

    I too doubt that they will make a 12GB version of the titan. Most of the manufactures will likely stick to the reference design anyway. Also it would be overkill, as the Gtx Titan has more than enough memory for gaming and most compute applications. If you really need more power than that then you may want to look at some workstation cards, like the Nvidia Quadro or AMD FirePro series of cards. Note that the high end Quadros will cost more than the Titan.

    Hope this helps!
  10. Well, I'm just going by history, they have always taken these top cards and doubled the ram.

    Also quadros, are a waste of money. They are way overpriced, and do not perform better than geforce cards for rendering. Only thing they are better at is viewport performance (supposedly) but that's only because nvidia crippled the geforce card for that. But the new titan isn't crippled, so in reality it's like a quadro.

    I guarantee you every cg renderer out there that uses gpu is hoping for a 12gb version, including me :)
  11. Presumably there are plenty here happy to eat their words. :D

    Quadros are poor for rendering (they don't have as many CUDA cores), eg. A GTX 580 leaves
    a Quadro 4000 in the dust for RT3D rendering in AE.

    Lots of RAM is very useful for pro tasks that do need it such as GIS, medical, defense sat analysis,
    etc., but also media-related apps such as AE. Titans are aimed at budget professionals who can't
    afford Teslas, or for whom the additional features of a Tesla are not relevant, such as the full speed
    return path, additional caching mechanisms and unlocked 64bit fp CUDA support.

    Note that if the Titan-Z announced today employs the standard method of expoiting two GPUs,
    then its 12GB RAM is almost certainly just 6GB per GPU, not a single shared 12GB, in which case
    IMO it's just a 6GB card since each GPU can still only make use of 6GB. Calling it a 12GB card is
    the same marketing fluff as used by most vendors who sell dual-GPU cards.

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