Upgrade options for sapphire hd7770

I have a sapphire hd7770 vapor-x oc 1gb graphic card. Planning to upgrade the graphic card later. What would be a real upgrade options?
I5 2500k oc to 4.3ghz
Cooler masterv6 cooler with two fans
2x 4g ram
Gigabyte z77d3h mobo
Corsair 500r casing with 6 casing fans
FSP 80+ silver 550 watts PSU
42 inch 1080p tv monitor
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  1. As the Tom's saying... buy gc 2 tier higher (or better) than current card..

    either 7850 or 660.... or better...

    I would personally aim for 7870 or 7870LE....
  2. I am more incline towards the 7870le but it retails for more than double my current card. Ouch! I am also concern will my CPU or PSU be a bottleneck.
  3. For 1080p I too would be inclined to a 7870XT

    I would take the sapphire one


  4. I think your CPU will not bottleneck, i don't see my pII bottle necking my 7870, i think i5 will handle it much better. But cannot said the same for the PSU......
  5. Yea, I thought too my PSU might be insufficient for the 7870. I regretted not putting more for the PSU. What would you recommend?
  6. 550W is enough IMO for 7870XT though I dunno about the quality of it
  7. Finally ready to upgrade my graphic card. Very tempted to go higher than the radeon 7870 as the pricing here of the 7950 is very close! Was also looking at nvidia 660ti but the pricing is much higher.
    Will the sapphire hd7950 oc vapor-x work with my mobo?
    Will my psu be able to power the 7950? On specs, it says 80+silver 550 watts, +12v rails 42amp/504W. If there is need I will upgrade the psu.
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