Gtx 680 Overclocking??

Alrighty soo basically I decided to OC my gtx 680 and I read a guide that used the following settings in MSI AFTERBURNER

Core voltage (N/A)
power limit (N/A)

coreclock (+200)
memclock (+561)

and after running games on those settings for a while I started encountering game crashes with loud buzzing sounds (The OS never crashed, just my open programs)

So after changing the settings a bit I settled on something that appears to be stable

Core Voltage(mV) ( +37 )
Power Limit (+132)

coreclock (+185)
memclock (+506)

Now my question is basically should my card be "OK" with those settings? (I'm a newb at overclocking so I don't know much) BUT I know CV raises temps a bit, but I found that my card stays at around 62 C during gaming and around 35 C idle, so I don't think that would be a problem.

Any recommendations/advice would be appreciated! :wahoo:

Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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  1. When You set power limit to 132 Your voltage on 680 is stiff. And that's acutally good to make Your OC stable (Dynamic Boost won't clock it down).

    From what I've read I'd say - on this GPU anything between 1180-1250 on core on stock voltage is a decent overclock. Anything lower may tell You that You have "bad luck" chip. Anything higher means You're a lucky dude. With a little bit of voltage tweak You should get to extra 300 MHz overclock, still watch Your temps and answer to Yourself if You need it - this card on 1180-1200 is a BEAST anyway.
  2. If you were me what settings would you raise from what I am currently running?

    And holy *** yes, my framerates in crysis 3 went from a 31fps average to a 40fps average. GTA IV with ICEnhancer I went from getting a 34fps avg (25 -27 during intense areas) to a 45fps avg with 35fps in intense areas. this thing is AMAZING :p

    Also heres the guru3d guide that didnt really uhh... work too well,2.html
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