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Will intel hd graphic 4000 be enough

hey. i need an ultrabook that has great performance and good graphics. i like the HP Spectre XT Touchsmart Ultrabook 15t-4000 with 3rd generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3517U Processor + Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, 8 gb ram and 256 gb ssd a lot. the laptop also has a 1080p hd screen.

what i want to know is will an hd screen as this one be of any use without a dedicated graphic card ? will the intel hd graphic 4000 be enough ?

i will be using the laptop mostly for office work, surfing the net n lots of movies n videos. i am not much into gaming but i wud be playing fifa on my ultrabook.
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  1. The intel Graphics are not powerful, but fifa does not require much power, according to you should be able to play it, just not on the highest stettings
  2. but wat abt hd movies and stuff ? will i get the maximum output from the 1080p screen with intel hd graphics 4000 ?
  3. The power of a graphics card only has something to do with the ability to make 3D graphichs and that is mostly games. Even if you take a 15 year old graphics card it will support resulutions better that 1080p
  4. or buy a custamised ultrabook . intel hd4000 able to play hd movies but u want good quality change gpu to ati or nvidia.
  5. so this means the quality of movies and videos will remain unaffected even if i use an integrated graphic card ?
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  8. thanks a ton :)
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