PC losing signal to monitor.

So I've been having this problem going on for like a month already and didn't really care before but now it's getting annoying. Whenever I play games like DotA 2, LoL, CoD on my PC, after a few minutes the screen suddenly goes black and says 'No Signal'. I looked around the net for solutions and most say it's most likely a GPU problem. So I thought it was overheating, I checked the temp with GPU-Z and it was only around 50-60C. I also just cleaned my fans and checked if the GPU fan was working but still nothing changed. Currently, I'm running the CPU without the GPU and I'm gonna test if it'll shut down on my games (I don't think this will work though since I probably wont even be able to run the games). If nothing happens, I'll probably format the PC. But before that, what else do you think I should do? What's causing this? I don't want to bring it to the shop unless that's the only choice I have.

CPU : i3-2120 3.30GHz
GPU : GTX 560 (non - Ti)
PSU : 600W

Oh, another thing. My OS is expired. However, I doubt that's what's causing this.
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  1. BUMP.

    Really? No one knows what's up? I tried reformatting and installing a new OS but it still happens.
  2. What operating system are you running?

    Do you have power settings to shut off the monitors after XX amount of time? (With some games - Windows may detect no activity on the computer and shut off the monitors)
  3. Windows 7 Ultimate

    None that I'm aware of. And besides, this is newly reformatted so I doubt that's what's happening.
  4. Don't bump after 5 hours, it's against the rules.

    As soon as the screen goes black, if you reset your PC, does the screen come back right away? Do you have another screen you can test with?
  5. Sorry, didn't know that. :((

    Yes, it comes back and it works like normal again until I play a game. I tried it with my other monitor, same result. :/
  6. Go into control panel, click hardware and sound, power options. You should be on "balanced" plans - click change settings. What is the Turn off display set to? Also - what is the put the computer to sleep set to?

    Typically - I set mine to 1 hour to turn off monitor, and put the computer to sleep - Never.
  7. Hmm. Mine is at turn off the display - 10 minutes and put to sleep - 30 minutes. I'll try your settings and see what happens.
  8. Well, I tried that and it still lost signal. The temperature was around 60-70 C which isn't even that high so I really don't think it's an overheating problem.

    I've like ran out of ideas. What's happening?
  9. I had a similar problem. It's been a long time but I think I fixed it by removing the card, cleaning the connections (with alcohol) that insert into the motherboard, and reinstalling. My p.o.s. case makes it difficult to insert and seat the card.
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