Will this graphics card fit?

Hi this is a picture of my motherboard

http://www.manualslib.com/manual/1 [...] =60#manual

I currently have a Ge force 315 which is terrible and I am looking at upgrading it with this,

http://www.systo.co.uk/components/ [...] 62-kr.html

Will it fit in my motherboard or will I bet wasting my money? If it won't fit can someone recommend me a card that will run Tera with good graphical settings, I have a 1080p 32inch HD screen TV for as my monitor.

Please help
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  1. Refer ur pcs cabinet manual it's length , breadth , height and maximum length of graphics card it can handle/house . Compare it with the length of card u about to buy.
  2. You can make anything fit with the right attitude o:
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