what do u thing about http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/HD7870DC22GD5V2/ ? any bad reviews? im gonna buy it tomorrow... so id like ur opinion..
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  1. Good one, but I hope it's under $230. If it is not then I would recommend you to get the 7870 XT instead.
  2. It's a good card
  3. ill w8 2 days for more reviews...then im going to buy it ...
  4. The MSI one.

    You don't have any Idea on prices of 7870 XT/LE/Myst?
  5. refillable said:
    The MSI one.

    You don't have any Idea on prices of 7870 XT/LE/Myst?

    i cant find them in greek shops :S.... whats the difference with xt/le/myst?

    edit: i found ONLY http://www.visionstudio.gr/prodinfo.asp?id=33098&cat=5&sub=0&pmanuf=821&sort=undefined&step=undefined ...but i have no clue if powercolor is good
  6. That is the card tom's hardware reviewed. I think it is a good one. Not sure about powercolor though.
  7. UPDATE2:
    thnx for your replys.... yesterday i heard about the Tahiti le.... so...






    1)i know sapphire is a good brand...but what about powercolor and club3d?

    2)7870 has the same price as 7870 tahiti...i heard tahiti le is a lot better than normal 7870...Is it worth buying?
  8. I'd stick with the sapphire one. Yes totally worth buying.
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