HIS 7950 IceQ vs IceQx2

Just a little question - I'm thinking about changing GPU, got lot of advices from You (thanks!) read some tests too...
I'm still not sure if I will go 7870 XT or 7950 but if I will pick a second one I decided to go HIS...

And now the question - what is the difference between IceQ and IceQx2 coolers? (except 1 vs 2 fans offcourse). I must say that I like the looks of IceQ more, IceQx2 seems ugly to me and its also a bit more pricey and not available ATM in my country. Both cards are very expensive here, still in Poland most GPUs are expensive so it's nothing new.

If someone knows the difference - please let me know
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  1. I'm pretty sure that's about it - just the 2nd fan. It's pretty neat though, means better cooling.
  2. It may seem neat but not for extra 50 bucks. I saw that IceQ with 1 fan is better than any other cooler... so I guess if that's only this I go IceQ
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