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So I have a computer that my dad left for me that he bought about 2 years ago. It's a gateway(currently not setup) and it was working fine but lately it's overheating badly. It idles at about 70 degrees Celsius, going upwards to 80 and then hits about 95-105 while gaming (sitting at a game menu). It will shut down the computer once it hits this temperature so I need to figure out the best way to fix it.

I've gone in with some compressed air and got rid of what seems like all the dust and made sure none of the cables or anything are blocking air flow. Any other options as to what I can do? I can provide further info upon request.

I also have my older computer set up in the mean time, it's about 7+ years old, lower quality and it's idling at about 30-40 in the same spot the other one would be plugged in at.
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  1. The thermal paste maybe dried out and need to be replaced.. and the fans need to be oiled...

    anyways, try running it after your cleaning, see if the temp are good now.. maybe the cleaning is enough
  2. The temperatures are after my cleaning sadly :( I will look into replacing the paste. Never done anything like that before so will hopefully do a good job on the first attempt when I find time.
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