Question about the new model of shappire 7950 boost

hello all :) I have one question about the new model of the shappire 7950 boost

the new model is this.

and the older

at first glance the new model doesnt have the black heatsink that disipate heat frotm the memory chips, or on the photo only one memory chips is not covered by any heatsink? another question is that the new model at first glance the heatsink is like 2 or 3 heatpipes versus 5 heatpipes of the older, and I dont know if the pcb is also cut-down with less power-phase.

anyone tell me if i am wrong?

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  1. I have both models but didnt examine them that closely before I physically installed the second one (first one is OC edition I got last april, added a 2nd one for crossfire this month and got the Boost Edition). I can say that the boost edition by default has a higher voltage, BUT as far as running and overclocking, the cards pretty much are identical. I can easily overclock both cards to 1100/1400 and dont have heat issues on either card. When just glancing at the cards they looked identical, if Sapphire did make any changes its most likely just improvements and refinements but it definitely doesnt seem cheaper than the first card.
  2. thanks ;) as you have the new model, can you tell me if the new model have heatsink on memory chips? on the photo there is one memory chip that not have heatsink, but i dont know if the other memory chips have heatsink, also can you tell me if the new model have also 7 power phases?
  3. sorry but can edit the original message, how many heatpipes have the new model that you have? is 5 heatpipes or less? thanks
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