Issues with hd 6950 with sabertooth z77

Hey guys could use a little help with my graphics situation,

I have a Sabertooth z77, and a Radeon HD 6950

Still shots are awesome, video on web works great, my frame rates during gameplay are good, but there are artifacts everywhere and makes any gameplay nearly impossible.

I have latest ATI driver, and my bios is at 1504.

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  1. If the card is overclocked, put back to normal specs and see if they go away. Check fan and exhaust areas for dust buildup and clean out.
    Take side panel off of computer case - heat issue??
  2. Case has 5 fans controlled by board don't think it's heat, no dust just assembled Tuesday, all settings are on the basic settings not over clocked at all.
    Thanks for the effort
  3. Since you just bought the card, I would put in an RMA request and get a new card.
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