Is my GFX Card dead?

Last night when i started my PC neither of my monitors (Dual monitor setup) would pick up the pc signal.

The PC seems to boot up fine - although i don't have speakers at the moment so haven't been able to listen for the boot noise.

After a bit of fiddling with the graphics card; re-seating it etc i managed to get my monitor to recognise the pc signal, although the display was incredibly messed up. Here a few pictures of the 'error' - tried getting it into BIOS mode to use onboard.

So yeah - any advice appreciated as i really need my pc. If i have to spend some money on a new GFX card that's no problem, i just don't want to buy one if it could be something else.

thanks for reading
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  1. Any chance you have onboard video and can test with that?
  2. how could i test that? just whip my gfx card out?
  3. Not even. Just move the video cable from the gpu to the motherboard.
  4. had a look but don't think that's an option. My motherboard (Gigabyte) doesn't seem to have anywhere to plug in the video cable unless im missing something obvious.

    My PC was a custom build from an overclockers bundle by the way.
  5. Well you never said what your build was so I was hoping you had onboard. You must not. The only thing I can really think of is test the monitor with another computer and test the gpu in another computer. I have a feeling it's either your gpu or psu. Listing your specs would help.
  6. Sometimes, just the installation of a GFX card can switch off the onboard in the BIOS.....OR....if card was fitted prior to purchase, BIOS will have been switched to onboard-OFF. JUST wanted to see, does plugging in something to onboard 'alter' BIOS setting automatically by 'recognition'.

    Have graphics prob also but different. (but no onboard) :/ of luck with yours!

  7. AH, lol....sorry, by the time I'd replied, the issue had been negated...apologies!
    Angel :S
  8. Start your own thread so people can help you.
  9. As far as i remember, problems like the one shown in the picture comes from defective video cards, i remember people baking their video card,no kidding, baking their video cards in the oven for 10 or 20 minutes and then letting it sit and it would melt the solder or w/e its called and it would fix that issue.

    Although i dont recommend you do that,theres many things that could be causing this, the best option would be to try a different gpu to really isolate the problem that the gpu itself is causing this,if you dont have a spare gpu, you could try the cable. Try to isolate the problem first to know the culprit.
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