MoBo or GPU Problem?

I have bought a ready computer(like Dell but brand is Casper) in 2009.It contains Msi G31M3L-V2 and Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 and 2x2GB DDR2 800MhZ RAM sticks and a HIS Radeon HD4650.One day stg about display has happened and when i change my display it didnt dedect it but onboard i could use that.I tried driver installations.I had driver installation problems.Display driver didnt ever installed.Then the crashes coded 8E in the end started.I worked on it.Then i have bought a Msi Radeon HD6850 Cyclone Power OC Edition.MoBo didnt dedect that either.Then i gave the pc to the tech near my home.He installed Win7 Ultimate x64(old was Vista HomePrem x86) and installed the GPU.Then my real problems have started.All the graphics work fine.I have nearly 70FPS in BattleField 3 and no lagging at all.It worked all smoothly.But after a few mins the game crashed.It said that AMD Driver crashed and saved in the bar at the right bottom corner of the screen.Then i checked all my games again and again...All my games i had those problems.It takes 5-10 minutes of perfect gaming and then a driver crash.I have that R6850 on an i5-2500k and msi z68a-gd80 computer and it had no problems.Not even in 20 hours of ultra settings BattleField 3.I think it is caused by mobo.My friend said that it is stg related about North Bridge.I have hit my hand on its passive cooling by accident while installing ThermalTake Contac30.I think of buying a new FX-8350 computer but i dont want this great computer to be useless.I think of buying a new MoBo for this but i can not be sure.What should i do?

Thanks for spending your time reading this.Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Returns and spaces are your friend, I will post suggestions if my brain un-fries.
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