Will this cpu, Gpu and motherboard all work together?

Im building a Pc but i honestly dont know if these components will work together

GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 660Ti FTW 3G Backplate Version, 3GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 Video Card

Cpu: Intel Latest Core i7 3770 Ivy Bridge Quad Core with HT 3.4GHz LGA1155 Processor

Motherboard : Asus P8Z77-M PRO Intel Z77 mATX Ivy Bridge Socket 1155 4x DDR3 PCI-E3.0 RAID CrossFireX SLI USB3.0 SATA3 eSATA
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  1. They will work fine.

    Game on.
  2. Yes
  3. They'll work perfectly. And if you're just playing on a single monitor you don't need 3GB of memory for the card, you can get away with 1GB.
  4. also, if you're mainly gaming and not doing anything heavy on the Adobe suites or 3D modeling, consider getting an i5 3570k, and spend the money saved on a gtx670, you'll have a much better gaming experience
  5. vmen has a really nice tip for you (the 670's higher bit rate makes it pretty significantly faster, and the 3770k isn't all that necessary for gaming on this level), and yes that's a great setup (same exact thing I have, actually).

    I have the 3770k, but I do 3d modeling so I sorta needed something like it. I also have the p8z77-V pro (similar to yours) and a 660ti 2GB evga stock :P.

    SO pretty much I have everything you're looking to get. Works flawlessly for single monitor gaming. Only game that gives me issues at all is Metro 2033. Crysis 2, a heavily modded Crysis, 70 mods in Skyrim (many of which are visual), Starcraft 2, Simcity 5, Battlefield 3, Batman Arkham City, and Borderlands 2 all work flawlessly at a smooth 40-60 FPS with maxed settings. I even game in 3d with this card. You do notice a drop in FPS in most games, but unless you're a videophile like myself it won't really matter to you.

    I'm looking to upgrade for a more "future-proof" rig that will last for triple-monitor gaming for the next few years, but the setup you're looking to do will work for single monitor for quite some time :) Very nice, and enjoy!
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