hi can anyone help, i have purchased a laptop from my friend and iit wont stay connected through wifi, it comes on for a few moments and then turns off, i have tried the internet wires and i dont have a problem and i can connect through wifi with my other laptop, could it be the lan card?
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  1. What OS is it using?

    Have you tried disabling the wired NIC and seeing if the WiFi will connect and stay connected then?

    From what I understand you are saying if you connect to the modem via a cable you can use the Internet but if you are not connected via a cable and instead using WiFi then the connection drops?

    In that case it is not the wired NIC (which I assume you mean by lan card).

    Where is the wireless access point (WAP) in relation to both laptops?

    Is there some extra connection software on the laptop (i.e. some cards such as some Netgear ones provide connection software that is problematic)?

    Is your WAP using anything like MAC filtering?
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