Two identical videocards: GTX 650 - not detected

Hello everyone,

Up until today I was running three monitors whereas two were connected to my GTX 650 videocard and one was connected through a HP USB Adapter (I know, it's bad...). I figured I should move to four monitors to make work much easier (I actually do kinda need it) so I purchased another GTX 650 and another monitor with the plan in the back of my head to get rid of the USB adapter and attach all four monitors to the two videocards. However when I first attached the new videocard in the second PCIe x16 slot (my motherboard has three slots), my computer never even detected it. The fan did run and it all started up smooth, and when moving it to the first slot it will properly detect it but discard the card I already had (and thus put down to slot 2 or 3). I have been searching all day and together with two friends we still did not manage to find the problem! Does anyone have any suggestions?

Here are some technical facts about my system:
Motherboard: ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77
Videocards: NVIDIA GTX 650 (twice)
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D14
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K 3500 1155

Thanks in advance, I really hope you guys can help me out.


Jasper Rietrae

P.S. I have been searching around a lot without any luck; nobody seems to have the same problem as me. :(
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  1. Update: looks like the issue is resolved and my motherboard was delivered with only two out of three pcie x16 slots actually working. Placing my new videocard in the 3rd slot solved the problem and so far everything is running as it should!
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