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So I just got in my new 6950 1gb (I already have a 6950 1gb) and was planning to crossfire the two cards. I even went through the trouble of buying a crossfire bridge (as I didn't have one) AND a new psu because I didn't think my 550w would be enough, so if you can't tell I'm pissed that this isn't working already, well, I am. GPU-Z and MSI Afternburner BOTH recognize that I have two cards, and I've done a clean wipe of my PC of drivers like three times, reinstalling the newest AMD Beta drivers (13.2) several times, each time to no avail. AMD Vision Engine Control Center (CCC for Intel users) even recognizes that I have another card in, but it's under "disabled adapters". Yes, I have the crossfire bridge in, but here's the thing, it doesn't appear to make a difference. I plug the bridge in, all of the previously mentioned programs detect the cards (always with one disabled of course), but there's still no option to enabled CrossFire X in AMD Vision Engine Control Center. I take the bridge off, and virtually nothing has changed as far as my PC is concerned. It still recognizes both cards in all of the programs I mentioned, but obviously there's no CrossFire X option to be enabled. I've tried both bridge slots and am about to try flipping the bridge around, just because it may work and I'm desperate.
TL;DR: No option to enable crossfire x, crossfire bridge appears to make no difference, both cards appear in GPU-Z, AMD Vision Engine Control Center, and MSI Afterburner. Any help would be appreciated, because as of now, I've got a $160 paperweight and a psu that is overkill for my system. Thanks.
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  1. Also, I feel that I should note that both cards have power (fans running and all), if that that wasn't made evident by the fact that they are both recognized.
  2. first, I would try installing AMD's newest official drivers (13.1), I know it's a step back, but beta drivers are beta for a reason and maybe it has something screwed up in 13.2.

    otherwise, seeing as everything recognizes that you have 2 cards, maybe the crossfire bridge you bought is broken? it sounds like your PC is detecting your cards without the bridge. maybe try buying another bridge and if that one works return the old one as bad?
  3. Yeah that's kind of what I was thinking with the bridge. Unfortunately I forgot to mention that I was actually using the 13.1 drivers for awhile and then I read somewhere to try and use the newest beta drivers. So really, I've tried 13.1, 13.2 and I think 12.6 or something like that. I think I might try the drivers on the CD that my new card came with, maybe those will work.
  4. the drivers on the CD could be ancient (who knows how long that card's been in storage). however, no one says old drivers can't work so it's worth a try. otherwise yeah, try a new bridge :)
  5. Yeah I believe the CD said 12.4 :O Worth a shot though, right?
  6. hmm, that means it's released in April 2012, not too bad lol. at this point it's a bit of a shot in the card, might as well try!
  7. Honestly just as long as I can get them to work. Although I've heard that for most games CF doesn't work very well unless there's a profile out for it. At least BF3 was released 2011 so I should be able to find one for that.
  8. Pfft, those drivers didn't work AT ALL. "Load MMdriver" application has stopped working, "Kdbsync.exe" has stopped working. Then CCC itself just stops working. Uhh... I guess that's out.
  9. The vast majority of games have profiles, and they aren't required. You hardly need to be playing agame from 2011 to have one, they put updates out at least every month.

    Crossfire and SLI adoption rate is very low so you are more likely to have issues with them immediately after a game launch as it's a lower priority due to the very few users. if it happens it will get fixed.

    I'd second the bridge possibly being bad. 160 is awful high for a 1GB 6950 with no bridge though...

    Anyway, before buying a new one, pull your original card, put the new one in, and make sure it actually works.
  10. So I've got the new one in. Just played some skyrim. It works. Recognized in both Afterburner and GPU-Z. Interestingly enough, though, I can't open CCC now. It just won't open. It's not in the system tray even. But the program says it's installed. Here's what I'm going to do: Uninstall all AMD drivers. (I can't use driversweeper because when I wipe ATI drivers I BSOD and have to system restore, but there shouldn't be any "old" drivers there anyways because this is a clean install of Win7). Then I'm going to reinstall 13.2 with this SINGLE new card. Then put my old card into the other PCIEX16_2 slot, (I've got the new one in PCIEX16_1), plug the crossfire bridge in, and hopefully it will all be recognized. Not really sure what to do if that doesn't work.
  11. Just did that. Same result as before. Something to note, though, when I plugged in the second card (my old one) and turned on my computer, it said something like "AMD high definition audio device read to use", like it had installed the drivers for one. I'm not really sure what significance that has, but obviously I didn't plug anything else in but the card, which happens to be an amd product. Seriously beginning to wonder now. Here's a picture of the device manager, I'm assuming both of the AMD high def audio devices are just my cards, and both cards say they're working properly (I'm not going to screencap both of them for the sake of time, but trust me they're both working). http://imgur.com/KAVGkMQ
  12. the CCC problem is a common one, I run into it somewhat frequently when I try to update drivers. uninstalling and reinstalling AMD drivers is always tricky, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't work so well. if you don't want to use driversweeper, then just try installing different, recent versions of CCC until you get a working one lol.

    your AMD high def audio is on your card and relates to the audio output from HDMI or Displayport
  13. What drivers are you currently using vmem? Or which have you fallen back on if the newest drivers don't work? 12.6? 12.8? I'm going to try them all.
  14. Also, if anyone is still reading this, is there an issue with crossfiring two cards with different shaders? I think my new one came unlocked as it has 1536 Unified shaders (6970 amount, right?) despite it not saying it would come unlocked. Will this matter? My other card (old card) is still at 1408 and I've tried unlocking but I don't believe it can be.
  15. Well, I'd like to thank everyone for all of the help, but I must apologize. I've just made myself look like a fool and wasted all of your time. My motherboard does not support Crossfire. I thought, (major emphasis on thought), that it did. This really isn't too big of an issue as I'm just going to buy a new motherboard anyway. Seriously though, I really thought it did. Like REALLY thought. The box was burried in my basement, and I'm kind of between houses right now (my parents are divorced and the house I normally stay at's owners are on vacation, my mother is on vacation, that is), so I just didn't have the time to look for it as I'm mostly at my father's right now and he has no internet. Seriously, you guys are the best and offered a lot of good insight despite my complete buffoonery. I wish I could pay you all for your time. >.> Seriously, though, I'm kind of broke with all of the money I'm sinking into my rig, so don't hold me to that! >.> Thanks again, you'll be hearing from me as soon as I get this thing working I suppose.
  16. Was just going to reply to this. I actually purchased two of the toxic cards a while back and was told by evga that my board would work with the red and green teams. Not until after I purchased the two cards did I have the same experience as you until figuring out my board would only run green team. Luckily the egg took them both back and exchanged them for green team cards.
  17. It appears that my board is SLI ready, but not Crossfire X. Like I said, it was in the basement. I googled my board and read somewhere that it would do Crossfire, so I said hey, it can't be that (after I already received my new card). The upside to all of this? I'm now forced to buy an AM3+ board, which is like, semi-future proofing. The downside (besides all of the wasted time), for the $300+ that this is all going to cost, I could have bought an i5 somethingsomethingsomethingK and a decent i5 (not sure what socket) motherboard instead and actually would be able to play Planetside 2 at decent framerates. Either way, the 6950 cf scaling is supposed to be ridiculous and awesome, so that's a plus, right? Anyways, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130637&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID= here's the board I'm going to pick up. Although the two PCIX16 slots appear to be different colors (I heard that's bad?) it appears to be crossfire ready as in the comments someone is running two 7770's just fine in crossfire. Thanks again, guys.
  18. Oh, they don't actually appear to be different colors. Maybe that was a different board I was looking at.
  19. I don't want this to turn into an advice thread, but should I grab this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131872 instead of the previously mentioned mobo?
  20. that asus board is no good, the second slot is a 4x slot. while technically it can work with crossfire, 4x slot with crossfire will result in lots of stuttering. the msi board you linked is ok because it has an 8x slot as the secondary slot, also the first slot will drop to 8x when 2 cards are installed, which is fine, because they have an even bandwidth for the 2 cards allowing the frames to sync up properly. I would honestly try update the bios for your current board first, the only thing stopping crossfire from working in an sli board is the BIOS. People have even hacked bios's to make crossfire work on some boards. I mean, you have spent all this money on GPU, PSU and now the motherboard, you could just sell both cards, not upgrade the motherboard and buy a better single card an not have the headaches associated with crossfire.
  21. Who did you get the cards from? Like I said, I found myself in the exact same spot and Newegg.com took care of me and swapped them out for green team instead, no questions asked.
  22. I ordered the MSI board yesterday. I didn't order the Asus board because I actually did see the 4x on the second pci slot and I didn't feel like hunting for more boards. Don't worry guys, this is a good decision. I'm going to use my old board and old psu to start building a decent everyday computer for my father, who currently has neither a computer nor internet at his house (I know... I KNOW). With the new board if anything happens to my cpu I'll be able to order a newer FX cpu (even though I hear bad things about them), and I didn't spend any money on it. Well not like, real money. Yes, all money is real, but I counted over $100 in change from my jar and its not even half empty yet. I just put the money on my brother's debit card and bought it that way, even got express shipping and an extended warranty! It's amazing what change can do. Yes I spent money, but it's not money that my insane mother will see, mwauhahahaha.
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