Will it hurt anything if i unplug my wireless router during the night so my son

I want to know if it will hurt anything if i unplug my netgear wireless router at nite so my son cant be up all night playing playstation online?
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  1. The answer is no,it won't hurt to shut it off.
  2. No it will not hurt anything, as far as the router goes. It retains its settings and will just boot up when power is reconnected. Anything that requires the router during that time will simply not be able to use it (i.e. any other connected devices).
  3. yes, it will kill itself over time, it happened to mine, go to settings and tell it to stop giving out signal
  4. While I agree that it won't hurt the router, your router may have a schedule configuration to allow him to only connect during specific time periods. That would be easier and more foolproof (thinking he sneaks up and plugs it in and later unplugs) since you would set a good password on the router to keep him out. Most newer wireless routers at least allow you to schedule times for the wireless radio to shut down on a schedule.

    What brand and model?
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