Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce GT 430 Fan Failure

Hey guys i have a problem with my card my card gt 430's fan stopped spining i have been using the card for 1 year i did not have any problem like that in my past and the warranty has expired please help me what do i do?please reply soon as possible
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  1. which model is it, it is possible to get a new fan for some models, but to be honest these small fans are expensive, especially compared to the price of a new card...

    I would try to clean the card to the best of my ability and make sure nothing's stuck in the fan that's preventing it from spinning
  2. okay i fix it i just clean it give it the heat of sun and now it is working and thank you for response and what did you say that is it possible to change fan i have gigabyte edition gt 430 2gb rev 1.0 so can i change my fan if i would face this problem in my future
  3. great, glad to hear it's working!. as for changing fans, yes I believe it's one of the models where it's possible. you just have to find a correct sized fan, and carefully remove the plastic shroud on your card to do this (the plastic shroud only, not the whole heatsink)
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