Corsair cx 430 psu enough to run phenom x4 970 and hd 7770?

about to install, Phenom x4 970 max TDP = 125W + HD 7770.
will the psu handle My pc well??

**I DONT PLAN on crossfire/sli or future upgrades of the gpu and cpu.**

They say the Corsair cx 430 +12 rail is 28A = 330W.
so i guess ill be smooth?


Should i go for Corsair vs 450? "IT IS CHEAPER THAN the cx 430" where i stay (india). But from what i have read on different sites, it is not a good psu and has only 22a on +12v rail and the capacitors used are low grade plus it is not 80+ certified? whats going on :o ??
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  1. you read correctly, the corsair vs 450W is rated for a higher wattage, but constructed with cheaper components. thus it is WORSE and producing power for your computer than the Corsair cx series and will only give you 22A on the 12V rail. a Corsair cx430 should be enough.

    80+ certifications tells you how efficient a power supply is, starting with 80+ with a baseline level of being around 80+% efficient (wasting less than 20% of the power drawn). efficiencies of power supplies vary depending on load, but that's probably more info than you want to bother with :P
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