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every time I restart windows it doesn't recognize the usb-peripherals already connected to the computer. Only when I unplug one of (doesn't matter wich one)usb connectors and then plug it in again windows recognizes them. They are connected trough a hub in my monitor.

Anyone of you had this problem already?
please help me cause I don't like to crawl under my desk all the time :)
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  1. What version of windows are we talking about here, and I need system specs...

    The one and only "Monstrous BULLgarian!"
  2. if possible try pluggin the mouse right into the computer instead of through the hub.

    Another way of 'autodetecting' the mouse, is to (by using the keyboard) tab across to my computer, properties, hardware, device manager and scan for hardware changes.

    I get this problem sometimes when the computer comes out of standby/hibernation
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