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Hey guys. I received a second GTX 560ti yesterday and have had some problems getting it to work in SLI with my old 560ti. The new card is 2GB ASUS 560ti TOP overclocked to 900MHz, where as the old card is a normal 1GB ASUS 560ti. The new card is in PCIe slot 1 and the old card is in PCIe slot 2 with the SLI bridge connected between the two. My motherboard is an ASUS p8p67 PRO REV 3.1, CPU = i7 3770K, PSU = Corsair HX1050.

Now the title explains the problem, the option to enable SLI is not available in my Nvidia control panel. I am pretty sure both cards are seated correctly and tried pushing the SLI bridge in further and it appears to be in place also. I've googled the crap out of the issue and did a clean reinstall of my Nvidia drivers more times than I can count as well as twice after updating to the latest motherboard BIOS available. I also tried reinstalling my realtek drivers, which did not work and then just installed it without reinstalling, still to no success. I've ran out of ideas and am not finding any more ideas elsewhere so any help would be appreciated, I need this problem fixed by Monday evening as I livestream and promised to be streaming the ARMA 3 alpha as soon as it becomes available. Without the SLI I will not be able to complete that promise. Thanks in advance for any replies and I will be watching this thread eagerly.
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  1. Try putting the second card into PCIe slot 2.
  2. Sorry I didn't explain that best, it is in PCIe slot 2. I just meant the 3rd slot available for GPUs.

    Original post edited accordingly.
  3. Well in that case it could be an issue with the cards having a different amount of RAM, this never used to be a problem but things have changed over the years.
  4. That is not good news to hear. I'm hoping to god there is still a solution, not just because I don't want to spend money sending the new card back, I also don't want to be stuck with 1GB graphics memory.
  5. Well I've looked around and there seem to be a lot of statements about VRam that contradict each other. Before purchasing this card I remember reading that they should work together and use the VRam of the card in the first slot. I am now reading that they will work together but only use the lower VRam of the two. As well as a third statement which contradicts both saying cards with different VRam cannot be used together in SLI. I don't know which statement is true, but it looks as though I might have to sell my old card and buy a second of the new card when I have some more money.
  6. uninstall drivers. shut down. put 2gig card in top slot. 1gig card in secondary. Reboot, let windows find cards. Install nvidia drivers. What happens?
  7. 2 gig card is in top slot, and 1 gig in secondary. Removed all Nvidia drivers even used the clean up tool in safe mode and rebooted. Then reinstalled new Nvidia drivers and still there was no SLI option.
  8. did you try the new card alone?

    you are using a jumper when both cards are hooked up? ( sli cable )
  9. I havent tried it alone, but both are showing as working correctly. I am using an SLI bridge, yes.
  10. reason I asked is I loaded an nvidia card, don't have pairs, only 1, and I don't see the sli option.

    check nvidia or evga forums.

    been a while since I ran 2 cards. maybe they changed something in the software?
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