Belkin N600 connection problems

Im having problems getting my Belkin N600 playmax router to connect to the internet.

I have a D-link DSL 504t as my modem and im trying to use the belkin as a wireless router for my toshiba thrive tablet.

Ive installed the drivers and after failing to connect automatically i had to type in my static ip, subnet mask and gateway, which it then finally connected.

however after getting the wifi on my toshiba thrive set up and connected to the belkin router i cant access anything online, and the LED stays red.

my desktop computer doesnt have a wireless network card and when i have a Ethernet cable connected to the belkin router it still doesnt connect.

i can only get on the internet when my desktop computer is connected to the D-link modem.
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  1. would reinstalling the software that came with the router fix this problem?
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    Check the Belkin's DHCP setup, you must disable the DHCP. The D-Link most likely has DHCP enabled and is issuing addresses to connecting clients. If the Belkin is doing the same, there will be conflict between the two.
    Manually issue an address to the Belkin and also Subnet Mask, Gateway and DNS in the LAN settings if you haven't already. The Gateway and DNS addresses must be the IP address ao the D-Link.
  3. so if i want my wireless router to work do i disable the DHCP on the belkin or the D Link?
  4. nevermind, i figured it out.
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