3 Monitors - No displayport, only 2 Monitors showing

Hello, I recently bought a new computer and it has 3 inputs, HDMI, DVI and VGA but, I can only use 2 of these inputs at the same time, although apparently according to the AMD website, the card supports up to 6 with a displayport of some sort, but I am not too sure what the displayport is or what one is.

Any help would be much appreciated
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  1. I think you mean outputs. Most video cards with more than two outputs can only drive two at a time if the card has less that 2GB of video memory. If these ports are built into the motherboard, you may be able to get them all to work by going into the system BIOS (press delete at startup or whatever) and allocating more memory to the built in video. If the ports are on a video card in a slot, go to the manufacturers web site for the card and download the manual and see what they say about more than 2 displays. Or you can also usually search on the model number of the video card on tigerdirect.com and if they sell that card they will list how many displays you can run simultaneously.

    If the video ports are on the motherboard, go to the manufacturers web site for the motherboard and download the manual and read the section on bios settings and video.

    DisplayPort is the latest new "standard" for video signals that I am seeing on new HP PC's, and I just bought some Samsung monitors with DisplayPort inputs.
    Yet another connector to have to adapt to other formats since no standard stays around long enough for everything to start using it. You can buy adapters to go from displayport to DVI, VGA, or HDMI. Most are around $20. It costs a little more to convert to VGA since it's analog -- about $35.

    You can read about displayport here:

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