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I want to buy XFX Radeon HD 7870 Core Edition AMD Graphics Card - 2GB but i have a vga monitor is there anything i can do or do i have to get a new monitor.
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  1. buy a dvi to vga adapter.
  2. could you link me i dont which is the right thing dvi-i dvi-a or dvi-d adapters
    thanks for the help
  3. if it is at all possible, get a new monitor. You can buy adapters, but a powerful graphics card like that has it's potential wasted when playing over VGA. To put it into perspective it's like driving around town in a Ferrari, sure it's nice and comfortable, but it's totally overkill. A 1920x1080 monitor would give that graphics card a nice place to run.
  4. for and adapter do i have to buy a specific one or can it be any dvi-vga
    i would buy a new monitor if i had the money
  5. Make sure it's an active dvi-vga but other than that it doesnt matter. Im actually pretty sure that a 7870 comes with an adapter in the box, or at least its pretty standard for companies to do that.
  6. That should work fine. DVI-m just means that the connector is a male.
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