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Hello, I successfully use wireless gaming reciever on my laptop which was upgraded from vista to windows 7 using windows 7 home premium edition 32 bit and wasn't straight away did device manager and sorted it,but now im trying to use it on my pc which has windows 7 ultimate 64 bit edition and tried device manager, updating and troubleshoot. Is it because its installed on laptop and driver is limited to being installed on one computer at a time or isnt it compatibale with this os or 64 bit,or is it something else
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  1. I've solved the problem after someone listed instructions online.
    I found out the drivers wasn't matching usb vid value and had to go into xusb 21 .inf file and changed all listing of usb vid values from 0790 to 0291 after changing to give me full control and saved.Then go into device manageer click on unkown device,updated driver,warning comes up ignore and installed driver, then pressed buttons on receiver and controller and it worked.
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