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New Build GPU Question. BF3 Main Game(getting rdy for BF4)

Hi Guys, My First Build here. ALeady have some parts



600T - Already have

HX750 PSU - Already Have

asus DVD-R - Being Shipped

Asus Sabertooth z77

Asus VG248QE 144hz 1ms

1TB WB Black - Being Shipped

GPU - ?? Looking at a few right now 680 or maybe possibly 670 and save 100$ and get an SSD.( will be getting an SSD anyway but if i get a 670 i can get it sooner)

So for the GPU Looking at

EVGA 680 SC Signature 2 -

ASUS 680 Top -

Or for 100$ EVGA 670 FTW Signature 2 -

Will be trying to get 120hz(144hz) in BF3 at possibly lowish-Medium Settings? possibly high? no AA or Blur(Mainly looking for Mesh Detail in settings)

Any Imput will be greatly Helpful, Thanks :D
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  1. Did you look at any benchmarks for these cards? Or search if this question has been answered before on the forums?

    If you look at the price difference between the 670 and 680, you would see it pretty significant. If you look at the benchmarks, you would see the performance is pretty small. You may want to consider the 670 for the cost savings alone, especially if the costs impacts your buying decisions, which it seems to since you say it will determine when you buy the card.

    So, I would suggest you look at the 670 because its nearly as good, but much cheaper. If money is no object, go for the 680.
  2. Yea iv been looking at some benchmarks, i see there pretty close, around 100$ dollars thou, money's no big deal, Anybody have a single GPu simmilar and play bf3? hows in fps and can i get 120hz? any any settings above absolute low. :pt1cable:
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    An overclocked 670 can surpass a 680 in performance. So that would save you some cash if you go that route. That asus 680 is a triple slot card, so make sure your mobo supports that if you get it. What resolution is your monitor and what kind of performance are you expecting?
  4. Then pretty much you can look at the reviews, see if one card has some issues. Also, be aware of the number of slots each card requires. Lastly, if you want max performance out of the box, figure out which one is clocked higher.

    On the surface it looks like the ASUS card, but I didn't read those links very closely.
  5. Expecting 100-120hz any settings, that give me that lol, playing at 1920x1080
  6. well if your getting ready for BF4 your best bet is to wait for the next gen of radeon or GTX cards
  7. well the EVGA SC Sig 2 has 1097 MHz Base Clock and 1163 MHz Boost Clock

    While the Asus 680 top has 1137MHz and boost of 1201.

    The Asus is looking good to be also bc of the Backplate, Will look nicer the the system, also 3 slots is no much of a deal for me, Im staying with a single gpu for a while, don't plan on SLi anytime soon.
  8. Thought about next Gen also, but i've heard nvidia has delayed there release to Q3 or even next year, and AMD to have a release date next year also
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