Radeon hd 6450 sound problem

Hi! Im new to this forum.
Ive a query; I just installed a radeon hd 6450 gpu in my HP dc5800 microtower.
The card seems to work fine but there is no audio output as it doesnt detect my speakers, which worked fine before installing the card.
The monitor connector on the board doesnt work now as well. But the one on the card works fine.
Ive tried changing many sound drivers but still it doesnt detect my speakers or headphones.
Thanks, awaiting reply
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  1. For some reason windows only supports one playback device at a time. After installing the video drivers, this is the hdmi output now. Rigth click on the volume icon in task bar, goto playback devices and set the standard device back to your speakers. Getting btoh the onboard video and the card to work, can be a bit difficult. By default, the onboard video is disabled, if a second card is found. The 6450 should provide enough ports to connect both monitors to it though.
  2. Thanks for the quick response
    Enabling the onboard audio from BIOS does the trick but now i get the message "You need up to date drivers or a better graphics card to run this game".
    But the device manager, cpu-z and gpu-z still detect the card.
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