Extigy article - comments?

The long asked-for review of the Extigy is now out, comments?

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  1. I think it looks great for someone who needs external audio. I have a integrated computer with the sound chip going out on it and the Extigy would work perfect for it.

    Athlon XP 1700+,KT266A,Geforce3, Audigy.. 'nuff said.
  2. I think it would be dandy as a home theater addition. Use with a laptop, or even a desktop that can be viewed on the TV and has a wireless keyboard/mouse combo. It would be very useful.

    I'd be rather hesitant to recommend it to someone who would be using their computer at the same time, because of the CPU utilization. But this is only the first review, we'll have to wait and see what other people say about it.

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  3. I wonder if USB 2.0 would help this thing out any? I like the idea I really do, but there would have seemed to have been better options for a connection interface....why not connect it VIA firewire?

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  4. USB 2.0 or Firewire would be better, but they're both much more rare.

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  5. I do a sound gig where i play my music into my mixer from my laptop. it would be cool if i could use this extigy to fade between two different sound cards on the same computer, that could be the laptops sound card and the extigy or it could be two extigys. IS that possible
    any ideas would be great
  6. "Anyone who wants to keep their PCI sound card for games, yet still have high quality 5.1 decoding and the possibility of extremely accurate recording, should consider buying the Extigy"

    How can this device be considered for "extremely accurate recording" when:

    1. It has such a frightful A/D -> D/A Frequency Response.

    2. Unlike any modern sound device, it does not offer 18-bit or 20-bit encoding capabilty to allow for a bit of extra recording headroom.

    3. Aren't USB 1.1 sound connections prone to disruptions if the system is heavily multitasking?

    All this is an external AC-3 decoder.

    If you want to connect one of these to your computer I'd wait until a USB 2 version comes out - preferably not from Creative Audio - they don't seem interested in the quality end of the market - maybe they should branch into manufacturing "boom boxes" - that seems to be the user type they're catering for.
  7. Hey Burger, Do you think the Sound Quality is better on the Extigy then on the GTXP....and the maker's of the GTXP, are they going to be making a new and better product shortly ?

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  8. If the Extigy is the same sound quality as the Audigy (which is what I would think), then it would be inferior to that of the GTXP.

    As for Hercules, I hope they come out with something new soon, it's been a while. The sound facet of the computer industry is the slowest moving however.

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  9. I don't like the fact that Creative are still marketing their products with claims of being able to support standards that they cannot <i>truly</i> support. Sure, a highly paid lawyer could probably convince a jury that it could, but it doesn't do what it says it can in real world situations. This is just going to annoy a lot of people who find this out only after they buy the product.

    Don't get me wrong, I like and own some of creative's stuff. But I hate it when companies make dodgy claims.
  10. USB 2.0 is becoming to replace the USB 1.1 & new sb cards have all 1 or 2 firewires.

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  11. the couple things I've noticed about creatives big hitting lineup (audigy platinum, platinum ex, and extigy) are
    a) Creative is trying to push their sb1394 standard (basically it's firewire with creative giving it a stupid name. They can be so lame, sometimes.) as an extra port on their audigy cards. They want people to view their cards as cound cards with firewire functionality to go with their jukebox 3. They won't encourage people owning OTHER firewire cards until they find out how this ridiculous strategy goes, I think. Hence, they won't make firewire sound cards, only OTHER devices that can be plugged into the port on the audigy breakout box.
    b) the extigy has pitiful ins and outs (except for the optical, but then you'd need to plug it into hardware that would replace its function if you had a real sound card, read below.) such as having no rca jacks. wtf?! if you're going to have a heavy duty sound card, why force people to use computer speakers? If they had rca jacks (as the gtxp, and both breakout audigies do) then you could plug them into most halfway decent stereo systems for outstanding sound, and into a digital reciever of a component system for insanely nice sound. For instance, I currently plug my soundblaster live! value into my stereo by converting the 1/8th inch jack into rca (greatly decreasing sound quality in the process) into the rca ins on my stereo. I have no comptuer speaker system. At some point my stereo (which is old) will be turned in for a component system. This will happen regardless of my computer's sound, for my cd's, my ps2, my tv, my dvd player, everything will be plugged into this. It makes no sense for me to get a computer speaker system for a sound card with 1/8th inch jacks if (to get the kind of sound I'd get out of the component system or even my stereo) I'd have to spend as much money on a good computer speaker system as I would on a far superior gtxp which has the rca to connect to my component system.
    But the extigy DOES have the opticals, which WOULD plug into the reciever. but then, you're wasing the dolby digital decoding of the extigy (since the reciever will do the same thing) and it doesn't make any sense to me. except for notebooks. That thing is a godsend to notebook users. Anyway, my point comes down to, I'm buying a new sound card soon, and I feel like, as a desktop owner, I'd much rather have a gtxp for the reasons cited above.

    Sorry this was so long, I seem to do that a lot.

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  12. Yes, but the Extigy is still USB1.1, so it's a moot point. And the Audigy line has Firewire, but I don't see what this has to do with the Extigy?

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