Why is gtx 590 $1000 while gtx 670 is $450? WHAT?

Yea so I looked up gtx 590 just for the fun of it and the prices were insane...it was $1000 and higher and it had like a 700-bit interface and 3GB of VRAM which is insane....can someone please provide some insight on this? Shouldnt the 600 series be....better than the 500 series???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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  1. the 590 holds its price as its stilla dual gpu card so 2 580s on one card. The 670gtx is better than a single 580, no glue on 590 (sli 580) but single card setups are always better in the $1000 range get the titan lol single gpu with the power of a dual 680/690 lol It has the high interface as it combines both cards and current gen cards like a 7970/680 have 2-4gb vram on a single card
  2. Titan cards are one of the most useless ever created. They are more expensive than the 690s but weaker in performance!! Insane things in our industry man hehe
  3. So, this is a troll thread in all senses of the concept.

    No, just because a card is in the 600 series does NOT mean they're magically better. Most of the low-end GTX 600 series cards are actually just renamed 500 series cards... and some of those 500 series cards were renamed 400 series cards.

    It's the way the world works - the 590, despite being holistically worse, does way better in benchmarks. It's also the dual-chip flagship of the 500 series, and they tend to stay at a price just around $1000 - look at the 690.
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  5. 690 outperforms the Titan at nearly every turn, but once again. it is two GPU's.

    There are, however, at least a few reason to buy a titan.

    1. for compactness. A titan will fit in places a 690 or 2 680's will not.

    2. for effective crossfire support. A pair of 690's or four 680's will outperform two titans IF the game you play supports 3-4 ways SLI/crossfire. That can be a sketchy prospect. The vast majority of games however, do support 2 GPU's.

    3. for ridiculousness. If money is no object, the performance four titans in a 2011 board with tons of pci-e 3.0 lanes has no competition. If your game supports four-way SLI, and you absolutely, positively must game at 7680x1440 @ 120hz, there is no other option (and we all hate you :D)

    Obviously, none of those reasons are gonna make the titan Nvidia's top seller. Top of the line cards are bragging rights, and that's about it.
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