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When I boot up my laptop it tells me it was shut down improperly so I picked the recommended option . Then it seems to get past the dell logo with the loading bar under it, then the screen changes to where you have the option to choose a user but ere is not option or anything on the screen but the back round anything I can do to fix this.
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  1. so none of the user accounts are showing?
  2. May be able to go to a previous restore point using your recovery console or hit f8 (typically) as computer starts and select "last known good configuration". It's in the same menu as safe mode. I haven't seen this particular issue before.
  3. We had a customer come in who had somehow messed up her account profile and she was able to see the user account, type in her password, but it would NOT allow her to go past that, kept giving an error stating that the profile was missing.
    I went into safe mode, went back to a restore point about a week back, once the restore was done, the user account was fine again. so maybe try just doing a simple restore. if that does not work, then maybe a whole reload may be needed.
  4. Thanks you for trying to help . I have tried to use the option to go back to the last restore point but that seems to not work how would I do a whole reload. If there is anything else you think will working any suggestions will help thanks
  5. do you have your original disks that came with it?
  6. /?no i dont how can i get my hands on that and when i put the disk in will it load automatically
  7. contact the manufacturer to get copies of the original disks. usually the disks are free and they charge you for shipping. when you put the disk in, usually you have to make sure your system is set to "boot from CD" in BIOS. but if it's the original disks, it may just boot from it automatically. if they tell you the disk is no longer available, then see if your system has a restore partition. usually you can go back to "factory state" from the restore partition on the Hard drive.
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