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General Multi Monitor Setup[eyefinity/surround]

March 3, 2013 12:51:55 AM

Hey guys I've got some questions regarding this topic

1) Can I use a mix of DVI,HDMI and display/mini display port for multi monitor?? Like let's say 2 DVI,1 Display port, 1 HDMI,1Display port,1 DVI etc....

2) Can VGA be configured in multi monitor setup,if yes, is it able to be mixed with the other 3 ports???

3) Since I have only one monitor at home, I tried doing multi monitor setup using my college's PC. I plugged in 2 monitor which has resolution of 1680x1050 i think and using both DVI to 1 PC

However, I am not able to group them so that I can have them treated as one big monitor, why is that so?? Is it because the graphic card is too weak?? The PC i used is a ATI 3400 series,forgot which one. I am only able to have them each running at 1680x1050 each and have them either duplicate of one another or where i 2 different monitors where I can drag over applications to other monitor and once pressed full screen, it only stays on that monitor